How To: Prime a Pump

Ever hear your pool pump running but don't see any water moving? Then stop the pump! Any extended period of time the pump runs with no water can cause serious damage to it. So here are a few easy steps to get water flowing through the pump if you're having trouble.

  • If you just took the lid off to clean the basket, before you tighten the lid, loosen the bleeder valve on the filter (its on the top of the filter, it allows air out when the pump is on). This will allow water to flow backwards into the pipes and give the pump water to pull. Once it overflows put the lid on and start the system.
  • Switch the water suction to the spa. This only works if your spa is higher than the pool, but if it is, water naturally wants to go down, and it will force its way through the pipes to the pump, once its primed switch back to pool suction. You can do this a number of times to remove a lot of air from the pipe if needed.
  • Fill pipes with water from hose. If nothing else worked, open the pump lid and use a hose to add water to the pipes. The more water in the line before the pump, the easier it will be to prime.
  • Always make sure the pump lid is on properly and that the gasket is in place and greased according to the manufacturers recommendations.
  • If none of these work there could be a problem with the pipes before the pump. Check for leaks around where the PVC connects to the pump or check any valves before the pump.

A pump that will not start can be incredibly frustrating, but these are some easy solutions to help make it a little easier. If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact Pure Water Pool and Spas for some help.