How To: Get More Water to Overflow Over Your Spa

Most pool and spas combos have an overflow to allow water from the spa to flow into the pool. This gives your pool a great look and sound.  But if your spa isn't getting enough water, then it can be more sad than anything, so there are steps you should take to ensure that you have enough overflow.Most pool/spa combos have their plumbing setup to deliver about 80% of the water back into the pool, and the other 20% into the spa and back into the pool with the overflow. But there are a few things that could make that 20% not be enough, like:

  • Your baskets are full of leaves and other material. Just like your vacuum at home, if the bag gets full it won't suck enough. If the pump basket or skimmer basket is full, it won't suck enough water to return a good amount back to the pool and spa. Clean those first and see if that fixes the problem.
  • Your pool filter (the big tank) is likely dirty. Just like the pump basket, if your filter is dirty water will not get through the system fast enough to return enough water. Contact us today if you need help cleaning your pool filter.
  • If you have installed a variable speed pump, its probably set to run on a lower speed, so it won't move as much water. Try raising the speed of the pump and see if it flows better. Then you’ll need to settle on something that saves energy but still looks good.

If none of those solve your problem, then the 20% you're getting probably isn't enough. There are ways to increase the amount of water being pushed to the spa. If you know how to do your own plumbing then it shouldn't be to difficult. Otherwise contact Pure Water Pool and Spas today and we can help get your spa flowing the way you want it to.