Filter Clean

A professional fiPool filter cleanlter clean is an essential part of properly maintaining your pools chemistry and equipment. Proper filtration keeps algae from growing in your water, as well as removes oils from skin and hair, sunscreen, and dirt. If a filter builds up to much pressure it will cost more in energy to force the water threw, in addition to putting unneeded wear and tear on your pump and other equipment. Pure Water Pool and Spas is trained in the best filter care, which includes:

  1. Completely dismantling filter
  2. Pentair Filter cleanWashing off all debris from the filter
  3. Inspecting all parts of the filter for any wear or damage
  4. Properly putting the filter back together
  5. Making sure proper pressure in filter is achieved
  6. Inspecting for any leaks
  7. And making sure the area is cleaner then it was when we got there!