Think a spa is easy to maintain? Think again!


There is nothing better then getting in a nice warm hot tub to relax after a hard day of work. But there is nothing worse then opening up that cover and being hit with a wave of bad smells!

Many people believe that because a spa is so small, and has much less water then a pool, that it would be simple and easy to maintain. Unfortunately, because most spas are so small, the opposite is actually true. When one or two people go into a pool, there is so much water that the effect they have on the water chemistry is pretty small. But  just 1 or 2 people in a small hot tub have a tremendous effect on the chemistry of such a small body of water. You throw in the fact that the water is usually kept at a much higher temperature, which allows germs to grow more easily, and it can be a recipe for disaster. 

Because of these factors, proper maintenance of spa is crucial for safe and pleasant use. This means a few things:

Gross hot tub.jpg
  • Most importantly, proper chemical treatment. Having proper sanitation, as well as keeping your pH and alkalinity levels just right. 
  • Proper cleaning, removing any debris that could cause issues if left for to long. 
  • Good filtration, insuring that the spa equipment is removing any thing that might be growing in the water. 

Most people are perfectly capable of keeping your own hot tub clean. But if you really want to enjoy your warm soak, and not have to worry about if you forgot to add chlorine last week, give us a call. We can guarantee that your hot tub will be welcoming 7 days a week!