Think a spa is easy to maintain? Think again!


There is nothing better then getting in a nice warm hot tub to relax after a hard day of work. But there is nothing worse then opening up that cover and being hit with a wave of bad smells!

Many people believe that because a spa is so small, and has much less water then a pool, that it would be simple and easy to maintain. Unfortunately, because most spas are so small, the opposite is actually true. When one or two people go into a pool, there is so much water that the effect they have on the water chemistry is pretty small. But  just 1 or 2 people in a small hot tub have a tremendous effect on the chemistry of such a small body of water. You throw in the fact that the water is usually kept at a much higher temperature, which allows germs to grow more easily, and it can be a recipe for disaster. 

Because of these factors, proper maintenance of spa is crucial for safe and pleasant use. This means a few things:

Gross hot tub.jpg
  • Most importantly, proper chemical treatment. Having proper sanitation, as well as keeping your pH and alkalinity levels just right. 
  • Proper cleaning, removing any debris that could cause issues if left for to long. 
  • Good filtration, insuring that the spa equipment is removing any thing that might be growing in the water. 

Most people are perfectly capable of keeping your own hot tub clean. But if you really want to enjoy your warm soak, and not have to worry about if you forgot to add chlorine last week, give us a call. We can guarantee that your hot tub will be welcoming 7 days a week!

Careful when draining your pool!

I get a few calls a year from people who would like to save a few dollars on there pool cleaning over the winter time. "Winterizing" is something that's done, usually up north, in very cold climates to help keep things from freezing and cracking. In Southern California we don't have to worry about that, but there are good reasons to NOT drain your pool. Simi Valley pool service

Pool floating or pop out. Your pool is kind of like an upside down boat, and the water in the pool is so heavy that it helps to keep the pool in the ground. But, if you drain your pool and the ground around it was to get a decent amount of water around it, it would absorb that water and swell. If the pool was empty it could actually be pushed up and out of the ground. Which


Thousand Oaks pool service


The other problem is that the plaster on your pool actually uses the water around it to help keep it moist and in good condition. After you leave it exposed to the open air for extended any extended period of time it will start to dry out. It will then start to crack, and pop up all over the pool.


So if you want to keep your pool in good condition (not to mention in the ground) then always make sure to keep the pool filled to the proper level. It may save a few dollars to not have a monthly service, but it could save you thousands in damages and repairs.

How To: Get More Water to Overflow Over Your Spa

Most pool and spas combos have an overflow to allow water from the spa to flow into the pool. This gives your pool a great look and sound.  But if your spa isn't getting enough water, then it can be more sad than anything, so there are steps you should take to ensure that you have enough overflow.Most pool/spa combos have their plumbing setup to deliver about 80% of the water back into the pool, and the other 20% into the spa and back into the pool with the overflow. But there are a few things that could make that 20% not be enough, like:

  • Your baskets are full of leaves and other material. Just like your vacuum at home, if the bag gets full it won't suck enough. If the pump basket or skimmer basket is full, it won't suck enough water to return a good amount back to the pool and spa. Clean those first and see if that fixes the problem.
  • Your pool filter (the big tank) is likely dirty. Just like the pump basket, if your filter is dirty water will not get through the system fast enough to return enough water. Contact us today if you need help cleaning your pool filter.
  • If you have installed a variable speed pump, its probably set to run on a lower speed, so it won't move as much water. Try raising the speed of the pump and see if it flows better. Then you’ll need to settle on something that saves energy but still looks good.

If none of those solve your problem, then the 20% you're getting probably isn't enough. There are ways to increase the amount of water being pushed to the spa. If you know how to do your own plumbing then it shouldn't be to difficult. Otherwise contact Pure Water Pool and Spas today and we can help get your spa flowing the way you want it to.

Product Highlight: iAqualink

Ever want to go in your spa when you were on your way home from dinner, but you know it will take to long to heat up? How about forgetting to turn the heater off at night? Or do you think you left the pool light on while you were out of town? Never worry about your pools controls again! With the new iAqualink system from Jandy you can control every aspect of your pool, spa, lights, and water features from your phone, tablet, or computer. Here is a list of some of the things you can control or monitor with iAqualink:

  • Pool and Spa Tempterature
  • Waterfalls
  • Spillover
  • Lights including dimmers or colors
  • Landscaping lights
  • Filter Pumps
  • Booster Pumps
  • Pool Cleaner
  • And much more!

With iAqualink you can take complete control of your pool. With apps for iOS and Android, you can take control of your pool or spa with most smart phones. With a friendly and easy user interface, this service becomes a no-brainer when you consider there are no monthly fees also. Just install the hardware and you are good to go!

If you are interested in using the iAqualink with your pool or spa contact Pure Water Pool and Spas today. We love giving you the best options for your pool, and iAqualink is an absolutely fantastic tool to have in your backyard.

How To: Prime a Pump

Ever hear your pool pump running but don't see any water moving? Then stop the pump! Any extended period of time the pump runs with no water can cause serious damage to it. So here are a few easy steps to get water flowing through the pump if you're having trouble.

  • If you just took the lid off to clean the basket, before you tighten the lid, loosen the bleeder valve on the filter (its on the top of the filter, it allows air out when the pump is on). This will allow water to flow backwards into the pipes and give the pump water to pull. Once it overflows put the lid on and start the system.
  • Switch the water suction to the spa. This only works if your spa is higher than the pool, but if it is, water naturally wants to go down, and it will force its way through the pipes to the pump, once its primed switch back to pool suction. You can do this a number of times to remove a lot of air from the pipe if needed.
  • Fill pipes with water from hose. If nothing else worked, open the pump lid and use a hose to add water to the pipes. The more water in the line before the pump, the easier it will be to prime.
  • Always make sure the pump lid is on properly and that the gasket is in place and greased according to the manufacturers recommendations.
  • If none of these work there could be a problem with the pipes before the pump. Check for leaks around where the PVC connects to the pump or check any valves before the pump.

A pump that will not start can be incredibly frustrating, but these are some easy solutions to help make it a little easier. If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact Pure Water Pool and Spas for some help.

How To: Easily Remove Pump Lid

On older pumps removing your pump is pretty simple, there is a clamp with a way to tighten it. You simply loosen the clamp and it pops off. But on new pool equipment the lids usually slide onto notches that hold it in place. Even when tightened to a reasonable degree they can be very difficult to remove. So here is an easy way to pop it off.

  1. Leave the pool equipment ON
  2. Smack both sides of the lid in a counter clockwise direction, it should budge and come loose.
  3. Turn OFF the equipment, now the lid will pop up and off the pump and water will overflow from the pump for a few seconds.
  4. Do whatever you need to do with pump and basket, replace lid and turn the equipment back ON.
  5. If you are having trouble getting the pump to prime, open the lid and check the gasket and make sure the lid is on tight enough.

This is a simple tip that can save you a lot of time if you have a difficult piece of equipment. If you are still having trouble with your pump, or any other part of the pool, feel free to contact Pure Water Pool and Spa Services and we will be happy to assist.

Product Highlight: Solar Sun Rings

Everyone wants to heat their pool so it can be enjoyed all year long. But running a heater all summer can get expensive, and if your heater is broken, it will cost thousands of dollars to replace. Fortunately, there are great alternatives to a gas heater. Some people like the blue solar blanket, but these can be very dangerous. The great news is that Solar Sun Rings are a fantastic alternative! Solar Sun Rings are made from two sheets of heavyweight U.V. resistant vinyl and heat your pool just like a solar blanket does, but without the hassle and safety concerns. Solar Sun Rings can be used on any chlorine tablet or salt water pool. At 60 inches in diameter they are easy to store out of the sun and include magnets to hold them together in the water. I already have almost a dozen customers with these installed and they all love their Solar Sun Rings. Solar Sun Rings are available at local retail pool stores, online, or you can contact me and I can deliver them personally. Contact Pure Water Pools today to get your Solar Sun Rings, and start heating your pool safely and more efficiently!

Filter Clean

A professional fiPool filter cleanlter clean is an essential part of properly maintaining your pools chemistry and equipment. Proper filtration keeps algae from growing in your water, as well as removes oils from skin and hair, sunscreen, and dirt. If a filter builds up to much pressure it will cost more in energy to force the water threw, in addition to putting unneeded wear and tear on your pump and other equipment. Pure Water Pool and Spas is trained in the best filter care, which includes:

  1. Completely dismantling filter
  2. Pentair Filter cleanWashing off all debris from the filter
  3. Inspecting all parts of the filter for any wear or damage
  4. Properly putting the filter back together
  5. Making sure proper pressure in filter is achieved
  6. Inspecting for any leaks
  7. And making sure the area is cleaner then it was when we got there!